We are extremely excited to have added a core group of females from the Mill Brae Ranch dispersal to our operation. We purchased over 50 females to advance our herd and continue the longstanding tradition of Mill Brae genetics. Mark Nikkel, managing partner of Mill Brae Ranch, was kind enough to share his philosophies and advice with me after the sale.

Upon graduating from college in 2013, we had the opportunity to buy into an Angus herd that had been selling bulls for over 20 years on the southern border of Nebraska. This spring will be our ninth production sale. Jason grew up as the fifth generation on a commercial cow/calf and farming operation and the principles of the commercial industry have never left his breeding philosophy. The backbone of the operation is the females and that starts with fertility. Mark Nikkel shared with me that he believed cows don’t deserve a second chance — if they are open, they go down the road. I couldn’t agree more and follow the same diligent culling practices of fertility, feet, and udders. Just over 86% of the cows will calve in the first 30 days of calving and 82% of the heifers stuck on the first A.I. cycle. Performance is how you are paid and the calves need to perform from birth through any point in the cycle. Whether it’s selling calves off the cow or finishing them to sell on the grid, I believe these genetics can perform.

The Mill Brae herd is the epitome of quality breeding and these cattle are working for us. The 9244 donor was a mainstay in their program and her daughters were on the high seller list at the dispersal sale.  Mark told me he wouldn’t take a load of cows away from that ranch without the up-and-coming 4024 on it. We are excited for the future with these great females and want to continue the disciplined approach Mark and the crew had — balanced breeding that doesn’t chase single traits or indexes. Instead, continuing to strive for quality, balanced cattle that go to work for you.

Mill Brae Obj Blackcap 9244 #16429728
S S Objective T510 0T26 x Mill Brae RT Blackcap 8022
by Leachman Right Time

Mill Brae Wis Joanie 4152 #17921694  
Sitz Wisdom 481T x Mill Brae IF Joanie 9206
by Mytty In Focus

Mill Brae Endur Karama 6208#18575513
Mill Brae Endurance 2118 x Mill Brae IM Karama 1153
by H A Image Maker 0415

ill Brae Ident Joanie 4024 #17928440
Koupals B&B Identity x Mill Brae IF Joanie 2086
by Mytty In Focus