Welcome to The Cattlemens Cut Bull Sale. We want to first thank you for your interest in our sale. We strive to produce an extremely balanced set of cattle that are high performance with breed-leading maternal traits without sacrificing phenotype. The bulls are developed in large runs on high roughage, low starch diets that will ensure longevity and performance. They are naturally stout, deep, sound, and good footed. We stand behind that the quality in these bulls is bred on, not fed on. We continue to expand our cow base and bring you new sires and donors every year. We have continued to expand the use of both AI and ET to bring you leading edge, predictable genetics.

The Cattlemens Cut wants to earn your business. Customer service isn’t a saying around here – it is what we are building our brand on. We are here to assist you in any way that we can. Whether that is any issue that arises with a bull, helping to market your feeder cattle, or questions about the EPD’s and genomic testing; we are here to help in whatever way we can.


FEBRUARY 22, 2024 - 1:00 PM
Jagels Land and Cattle / Spencer Herefords  |  43500 E North Loup Road, Brewster, NE 68821
Jason: 402-364-3191 Katie: 402-366-9235